Shivranjani Agarbatti - Appreciated over
a period of 45 years by millions.

Mr. Sidharth Baykeri, being the proprietor of the firm
with his administrative and technical expertise always
has been a source for the progress of the company with its
quality products and believes in "Customer Satisfaction as his achievement".

Welcome To Shivranjani Incense ( Agarbatti )

Shivranjani Incense ( Agarbatti ) is designed to create an environment suitable for prayers, meditation, worship & religious gatherings.

Shivranjani is a masala base incense product with aromatic herbal ingredients as described in Vedic Scriptures. The aroma of Shivranjani creates an impression of serenity, hence helps in concentration of mind in Meditation, Pooja, Tapa, Sadhana. Its aroma is soothing, therefore, Shivranjani is liked and appreciated by saints, yogi’s, music aspirants, intellectuals & creative people all over the world.

Masala base Incense Sticks also known as Flora Incense ( Agarbatti ) in some places, are considered as natural incense (agarbattis) due to use of herbal, ayurvedic roots, barks and different aromatic wood powders. Essential oils derived from flowers, leaves, fruits, nuts, spices etc. are also used in compounds.

To achieve a particular aroma is the skill of manufacturer which adds popularity to each brand. Each brand then becomes different from another to suit individual’s choice of variety.

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